UST Quadricentennial Week Schedule

We should know the events going on in 2011’s hottest event for us Thomasians. The Quadri Week, the week in celebration for the UST at 400, has special events before the final countdown for the January 28, 2011 at exactly 12:00 AM.

Many should be searching and looking for the schedule of the Quadri Week since not all of us are informed of it. Most of us just seen it on Facebook, but how can the outsiders know? The Quadricentennial Week is not just for Thomasians, all are invited. UST wanted the whole world to know their 400 years of EXISTENCE.

Here’s the schedule for the Quadri Week:

Monday (Jan 24) :
– Opening of the Jubilee Door at Santissimo Rosario Parish on 5:15 PM

Tuesday (Jan 25) :
– Award of the Q Short Film Festival at Plaza Mayor on 7 PM

Wednesday (Jan 26) :
– Cheerdance Competition at Plaza Mayor on 8 AM

– Q Parade on 8 AM

Thursday (Jan 27) :
– Unveiling of the Quadricentennial Monument at Quadricentennial Square on 6:30-7:00 PM

– Countdown to 400 at UST Grandstand on 7 PM -12 AM

Friday (Jan 28) :

– Thanksgiving Mass at UST Grandstand on 5 PM

In most events, ALL are invited, especially the countdown. Join the fun!

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