Blogging Using WordPress App of Apple

We have known WordPress as the best open-source CMS(Content Management System). Most blogs are installed with this blog publishing tool because it is very user-friendly. The interface ia just simple, enough for you to understand without needing intensive programming skills. Matt made this so easy for us to enjoy the fun of blogging.

Usually, we access our wordpress through our web browser. After some developments, WordPress has released a program for Microsoft. It gave great convenience to the users. Some features are also the thing people wanted from it.

Those were run by computer, but how about those who can’t often use the computer? WordPress has made a solution for that. There’s a WordPress for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad now. It’s an app where you can access your wordpress program of your just need the app and a wi-fi connection.

The WordPress for iPod Touch is the one I used ito publish this post. It was very convenient for me who just wanted to blog while lying down the bed. Hehe

Why don’t you try blogging using your WordPress iPod Touch or iPad? I hope they can make more developments for this one.

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