The Winner of the Grand Lotto Jackpot of P740-M

Oh My! What a luck person he is. Last week, they revealed that there was a winner for the jackpot prize of P740-M in the grand lotto. It made me sad somehow because I was also placing bets to win the jackpot.

The winner is still a mystery, but they said that the winner is a New York-based balikbayan who played lotto in Olongapo. He was so LUCKY to hit the jackpot with the ‘Lucky Pick’. It was said that they just tries playing lotto for fun, as the issue about the grand lotto was arising.

How do you want to believe that luck is just around the corner? Because of this event, I would believe in lotto from now on. I’m placing single bets on 6/42 and 6/45 whenever available. I would only place bets on 6/49 and 6/55 when the jackpot is around P50-M and up.

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