The RAIN Should Really STOP.

I know majority of us in Metro Manila are experiencing now continuous heavy rains. Yeah, and I think it will last until tomorrow. Well, that’s how PAGASA told via radio. Let’s hope this is not exact.

Now, here’s the reason why the RAIN SHOULD STOP NOW. It’s FLOOD. Don’t underestimate the power of flood. It can kill.


  • Can electrocute you. It’s through the flood connected to live wires. Be very careful!
  • Drown. There are areas where the flood reaches their house, and it can go up as high as 5 feet to 7 feet. Unless you can swim for hours, or has something to step on or run to.
  • Causes many accidents. Really. So¬†unpredictable!

Believe me, there are many reasons aside from those.

Look, our village looks like this as of 9:30 AM. How about now? The rain never stops.


What can we do? Let’s PRAY. Pray that it stops, and pray for the safety of our fellow people affected by the flood, especially the homeless.

I have a method, and sometimes it works. I know this sounds childish, but that’s how I express my desire to have a sunny day. I get a bond paper, draw something expressing a Sunny day, then hang it outside, or just put it on the ground where the rain falls. Simple. Example below.


Now can you see the picture of the effects of what we do while it’s sunny and our daily livings? I hope we learn from this now.

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