How to Play DotA with Garena (Step by Step Guide)

This post will teach you the steps on how to play DotA online using Garena. Well, since 2006, I already played DotA using a online game client called GG Client, and what we now know as Garena Client.

Many are still confused as to how they will play DotA online, even if they know Garena exists. I shall give a brief step-by-step explanation on installing Garena and other things to prepare.


Warcraft III:

1. You need to install the Warcraft III game, the Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne expansion. Just search the internet for CD-keys and stuffs.

Note:There is also a file you can download from Piratebay, where Warcraft III Frozen Throne is already installed, just need to paste it to your Program Files.

2. You need to patch it up to the latest version accepted which is 1.26a. You can just use the Warcraft Version Switcher to avoid the hassle. You still need the patch file for 1.26a though.

3. After patching it, and pasting the crack war3.exe for the 1.26a, then you’re done with the Warcraft III part.


1. First, download the Garena Messenger.

2. Sign up for an account in Garena.

3. Sign in and just patch what needs to be patched.

3. Fix the settings. Make sure you direct war3.exe in the Warcraft III directory.

5. When you’re now ready to play the game,—> Sign in, click LAN, click War3 RPG, choose a channel and room, then click START. You can see the games created by other player or you just create yourself and wait for others to join you.

Just a piece of advice. Garena is a den of NOOBs, so I don’t think you will enjoy the DotA gaming if you’re a pro. Check this out, a comparison of two dota gaming clients, RGC VS Garena.

There’s a short video on how you play DotA using Garena. It’s on how you join a game. Just watch it. Hope you like this short tutorial on how to play DotA online using Garena.

How to Play Dota in Garena

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    how to play dota in rgc using new ipad


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