Saying YES Can Really Make You Happy!

I just watched the movie ‘Yes Man!’ starring Jim Carrey. That movie really was funny. It gave me smiles and laughs at all. After the movie, I just realized that it’s not only the smiles and laughter it gave me, there was also a LESSON.

Yes Man

Just by reading the title, ‘Saying YES Can Really Make You Happy!’ is that lesson I learned from the movie. Well, what’s with saying YES anyway? YES is a positive word. Being positive is great. Well, practising YES is quite a good idea as long as you think too, right? What I mean here is QUIT making EXCUSES when you can really do it at all. Be positive!

Negativity is not a great thing, and that is a NO. So, I suggest you watch the movie ‘Yes Man!’ of Jim Carrey, and you will know what I mean by ‘Saying YES Can Really Make You Happy!’. 🙂

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