Prayers for Kevin Ware – Most Horrific Injury from Basketball

I was just browsing Youtube, when I saw Kevin Ware injury video which gained a million view in just a matter of time. Most of you could be wondering about this. Who is Kevin Ware anyway?

Kevin Ware is a Louisville guard who suffered a leg break injury after contesting a three-point shot of Duke’s Tyler Thornton. As you can see in the video, after the accident, the teammates and even the opponents lost their appetite to play the ball game. It was really hard for them to see their co-player suffering the so-called most horrific injury from basketball history.

Kevin Ware injury

Well, I guess we need to at least offer some prayers for Kevin Ware’s fast recovery. It was said that he had a successful surgery, but on that caliber of injury, we know that he needs our prayer for his continuous or fast recovery. He may not be able to come back to playing basketball though. What a sad ending of his career.

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