Paskuhan Aftermath 2012

If it’s Christmas in UST, I guess we are pertaining to Paskuhan alone. Paskuhan is one of the best event UST has to offer. It is well-proven to be one of the most awaited event of the students. Below are the 5 reason why Paskuhan is one of the best event in the whole University Belt.

  • Thousands of students are swarming over the campus. There could be an average of 15,000 to 20,000 people every year celebrating with UST.
  • Other students are going too. I know one school which also tried to make an event like Paskuhan, but end up in failure. Their students went to Paskuhan, ditching their own school’s event.
  • There are tons of popular bands, singers, and artists invited there to perform and give testimonials.
  • The hosts are big shots and seems to really love the event. There are various booths around the campus too with lots of goodies there.
  • The FIREWORKS Display. It is more like 30 minutes to 1 hour of non-stop action up in the air. You really see grand fireworks display courtesy of UST.

So what do you say? I guarantee you will never ever regret attending such an event like this.

But hey! Remember that UST Growling Tigers won in the PCCL Finals 2012 defeating Ateneo Blue Eagles in Game 3, right? Well, there’s this Paskuhan Aftermath 2012 in which the victory party for the Tigers will also be held.

Paskuhan Aftermath 2012

The UST Growling Tigers PCCL Victory Party

Dress Code
Dress Code

Isn’t it great? I believe this will be a great party for us Thomasians. Who knows what surprises will be up there? You can go to Tan Yan Kee to ask for free pass or your local student council. You can also click here to RSVP if you failed to get the free pass from UST.

Just follow the dress code, and don’t forget your valid ID (Credit Card, ATM, Org IDs are not valid). You are good to go then. Since it’s December 21, party like it’s the end of the world tomorrow!

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