My Blackberry Curve 9220 from SUN BB600 Plan

I just want to share you my experience with SUN Cellular with their BB600 Plan with Blackberry Curve 9220 as their free phone. This should have been posted 2 months ago, but I was so busy that it has gotten 2 months before getting published.

So the 1st week of October, I availed the plan fro Sun. I got the kit. I can say that I was excited with the blackberry phone since it was my first time to use a Blackberry. My first week was great. I think that it was really a bargain for me, but there are CONS too. I’ll enumerate the CONS first, then the PROS.

BB Curve 9220 1BB Curve 9220 2
BB Curve 9220 BoxSun Cellular


  • The BB Social namely Facebook and Twitter of SUN were kind of useless. Well, most of the time it gets so slow, maybe because f the signal or the service itself.
  • The Blackberry Curve 9220 is NOT 3G. It’s maximum speed is in EDGE. What do you expect? Ofcourse, the BB Social won’t be that great.
  • I sometimes get extra charge to the bill because of the GPRS. There are times I accidentally presses the browser, then it will count as charge as soon as it surfed a website, or if you clicked a link from Facebook or Twitter that is outside of Blackberry Facebook and Twitter Apps.
  • Camera is not great in BB Curve 9220.
  • In this plan BB600, there’s no free text to other networks.


  • This is so convenient to texters and callers. My bill could have been P32,000+ if only it’s not UNLIMITED Call and Text. The service is so great in SUN if you are postpaid. The call can have a maximum of 1 hour per call, then it gets cut, then just call again, compared to Globe UNLI Call with 12 minutes interval. 12 Minutes VS 1 Hour? 😀
  • The signal is kind of good too for SUN nowadays. I got no problem using SUN here in Quezon City, Manila, and other parts of NCR.
  • BBM is cool. Got no problem with this too.

BB Curve 9920 with Box

So far, I’m enjoying this one, only the BB Social gets in the way. Facebook and Twitter pisses me of. I guess the EDGE factor also gives the reason why it’s slow.

I rate this plan 6.5/10.

Got this plan too? You can comment your feedback too!

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