Doom of Preliminaries

Naah…Here I am again. It’s been so long since I last posted here in my personal website. For 3 months, I tried other business which gave me lots of money, but I know that this… Read More

The Race to the MVP in NBA Week 22

It has been a great season so far, but it there is less than 2 weeks before the post-season finally begins. Many superstars this week are playing to their full potential and is now targeting… Read More

Don Nelson makes history!

At the age of 69, Head Coach Don Nelson is still going strong in helping teams and players to reach their goal in the NBA. He has been coaching in the NBA for more than… Read More

Lollapalooza 2010 Lineups

Let me first explain to you what “Lollapalooza” is. “Lollapalooza” is a traditional concert in the United States that features awesome bands from all over the globe to give the fans something to cheer about…. Read More

Sandra Bullock preparing for Divorce

This is it! Sandra Bullock really filed divorce against her husband, Jesse James. According to the website, the Oscar-winning actress, is ready to proceed filing a divorce against bad-boy hubby Jesse James due to the… Read More