Don Nelson makes history!

At the age of 69, Head Coach Don Nelson is still going strong in helping teams and players to reach their goal in the NBA. He has been coaching in the NBA for more than 20 years, and is currently the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. Although the team didn’t have that much wins this season, he never forgets to instill in every player’s mind that even though we lost in the battle, we didn’t give up and did our best. This also applies to him as he reached an achievement only one coach reached, and that is to tie the most wins in a coach’s career of 1,332 games. He was able to achieve this goal is because he has putted so much heart into this profession. He believed in himself that one day in his career, he will be rewarded with something fruitful and memorable.

Nelson said on an interview last Monday, “That’s really why you coach, moments like that, just a real special moment for me. I’ll remember it forever. Memories like that really make life worthwhile.” He had a chance to be the first coach ever in NBA history to go over 1,332 wins in a coaching career against the Toronto Raptors, but his team just got a point short from making another historical moment in his career. He has been an example to every coach who one day wants to be famous and successful like him. He is an inspiration to those who work hard everyday because someday you will be rewarded for your hardships in life.

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