Doom of Preliminaries

Naah…Here I am again. It’s been so long since I last posted here in my personal website. For 3 months, I tried other business which gave me lots of money, but I know that this day would come that it would also have an end. Well, there were bad effects on me which I hated so much! Just this August, we had the preliminary exams where I crammed so much. Half of the sem, all I’ve been thinking is income, now this day has come where I don’t know now what would I become. Yes, this is so unfortunate for me. I failed some exams. I have never experienced it before. Why now? That’s the question I’ve been asking to myself since the first results came.

I was relying to my natural smarty brain when I was in elementary and even high school. I can’t believe that college would change me, I tried many things which are all new to me. Some of them were regretful, but I can call them EXPERIENCE. We learn from out mistakes, right? Believe me, I’ll show some changes, but I still won’t leave behind my businesses. I’m relying to my guts to be successful. Now I learned my lesson. I should value my studies more starting TODAY.

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