Pacquiao VS Bradley Fight Results – Manny Has Been Robbed!

I hate to report this Pacquiao VS Bradley Fight Results since it didn’t come out to our expectation. Timothy Bradley wins the fight. Well, whaddaya know? Manny Pacquiao has just been robbed here. It’s very obvious that Manny Pacquiao really won this one, FUCK those who say it’s Bradley’s day. Use your eyes, goddammit judges! They sure know how to cook the battle, eh?

As we can see, Bradley is NOT really a BOXER, rather a HUGGER and RUNNER. Watch this cooked battle. For every round, with every clash, we see Pacquiao giving blows there while Bradley hugs and stay away. Why? Because he doesn’t possess the power to defeat Pacquiao in a head-on boxing.

Pacquiao VS Bradley Results

As I say, watch all the rounds. I bet even a kindergarten knows that Pacquiao really won the fight. Since the fight happened in Las Vegas, the judges were from there, thus know really how to cook the fight.

I’ll give you some reasons as to how it really came to Split Decision:

  • The challenger is an American. You might say ‘So what?’ But that’s the point! You know the so-called “American Pride”? The Americans can’t afford to lose, so they came up fixing the game to protect their pride, though they really have was a loser boxer. The judges are from Las Vegas, so what do you know?
  • They thought Pacquiao didn’t perform good. It’s good, but not great because the people are used in seeing Pacquiao fight how he used to during the fight with Morales, Marquez, Barrera, Cotto and Hatton. But Pacquiao performed better than Bradley, no doubt about it.
  • Same promoter, huh? It could be a fixed game. Meaning, Pacquiao sold this game. As you can see in the last 3 rounds, he played a lousy fight. He didn’t even throw the normal punches he usually do during the last 2 rounds from his previous fights. Pacquiao didn’t even protested about the decision, so he could have SOLD the game, as ordered or for a deal?
  • Bob Arum really knows how to play the MONEY. He planned this for Pacquiao’s defeat, so there would be an in-demand rematch for it, calling for Pacquiao VS Bradley 2. Quite clever eh? They both are from Top Rank anyway, so that would be easy for him to make since either way, he’ll make money whoever wins the fight.

Bradley was shocked! See in the replay that “OMG Face” of Bradley as he can’t believe winning the fight. There’s a 100% doubt for himself, and he jumped for joy hearing the judgement. Bradley admitted he’s been hurt by Pacman’s punches. The people cheered for Pacquiao, hoping for him winning, and they are not convinced about the judges decision.

So just accept the fact that Manny has been robbed here. NO SOLID PUNCH from Bradley, so how could that be? There’s only ONE CONCLUSION….he was cheated! That’s the truth, and you can’t hide it. 🙂 Pacquiao will win on November 2012, that’s for sure.


  1. Carlos Ojeda June 10, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    It’s all about the money – Mayweather owns Vegas and Vegas is not the place Pacman should be fighting in – I’ve been a boxing fan for a very long time and it makes me sick that this shit still goes on – what’s really sad is that the boxing commission is going to do a dam thing to correct the outcome of this fight – no investigation – NADA

  2. Manong Iskrambol June 19, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    well. I may hate the decision.. but manny is right respect the judges… we will see on the rematch who really won..


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