5 Tips on How to Stop Playing DotA

I know it has been tough, but you want to know how to stop playing DotA, am I right? At first it was trouble for me in my high school days. I started playing last 2005. The version was still in 6.16. Hehe, quite far from what we have now, eh?

My entire high school days was into to DotA after classes. Let’s say I got addicted to it, but a miracle happened last summer 2008. My attention was diverted, and then finally I stopped the addiction, though I still play sometimes. 🙂

Stop DotA

Now I know many of you do really want to stop playing DotA, but only one question is up for it… HOW?

I figured this might help because I, as a DotA player, managed to stop the addiction. So, how about this 5 tips from me on how to stop playing DotA?

5 Tips on How to Stop Playing DotA:

1. Divert your attention to sports. The more you think about your body, the lesser the addiction can be because you are focusing on the development of your body which DotA can’t be of help in any way.

2. Ask for a reward. It’s like exchange DotA to something else, like a reward. It’s like, you’ll just play 1 game of DotA per week, and the reward would be an eat-all-you-can every weekend if you didn’t fail the task.

3. Set your goals. If you have other priorities or goals in life, you’ll eventuallly forget about DotA.

4. Delete your Warcraft III Frozen Throne and Garena/RGC clients in your computer. No files, no game to play. 🙂

5. Rely on inspiration. Those inspiration can set you free. If you are inspired by another person, then DotA would just come second. It’s very effective. Girls are one source of inspiration. So, LOVE can set you free from DotA slavery.

I hope this set of tips created by me can help you control your DotA gaming. Always keep in mind that all TOO MUCH can destroy you. 🙂


  1. Jhudz June 25, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    #5? :)))) pano pag heart broken, mas ok na mag dota kesa maglasing 😛

  2. Patty June 26, 2012 at 12:57 am

    OMG natawa ko sa last advice. haha. anyway, I’m avoiding facebook naman! haha. I’ll try these pieces of advice. 😀


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