NFL Mock Draft 2012 – 2012 NFL Draft Picks

The National Football League are now in their Draft Picks mode as they are nearing for yet another new season for NFL 2012-2013. This 2012 NFL Draft Picks really are great as they even have the top two picks for this year: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The Indianapolis Colts picked right away Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III for the Washington Redskins.

2012 NFL Draft PicksI usually remember the Clippers of NBA for their Blake Griffin being strong, same last name with Robert of the Redskins. This NFL Mock Draft 2012 is really exciting too, like what we feel in the NBA. Let’s hope we can see these rookies in the Superbowl 2013.

But speaking of 2012 NFL Draft Picks, we really can’t help see Griffin and Luck’s names on the surface. Well, they both have some Heisman Trophy with them, that’s the catch.

Well, we will have the full list for this NFL Mock Draft 20122012 NFL Draft Picks. Few more updates, and we can finally grasp the information which is very valuable to us avid fans of NFL!


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