Iron Gym – Bought from Cash Cash Pinoy

This is a little review for a small product yet wonderful that I bought from Cash Cash Pinoy. Well, this product is very useful to gym users as they can just workout from their own rooms. I just saw this one while browsing in the deal site. It’s just cheap, more like P500. Since it’s that way, then I bought it right away.

This Iron Gym really saves you money. You can do pull-ups, situps, pushups and even dips. You can use this for years. P500 can just last for about 10-12 sessions in the typical cheap gyms. Isn’t it a bargain?

Here are the picture of the Iron Gym I bought. I use this for my pushups (upper chest) and situps. I can’t use it on pull-ups because I don’t want to stick it on our wall. But maybe you can.

Now what do you think of Iron Gym I bought from Cash Cash Pinoy?

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  1. CashCashPinoy April 26, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Glad you like it! Hope to see you in our site again soon!


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