China, Back Off From Our Philippine Waters!

Oh, how thick your face are China! You warning us Filipinos about not to ‘internationalise‘ about the hot issue of Scarborough shoal? First of all, by entering our territory, you just internationalised the issue, because that’s trespassing. Your poachers should even get arrested for stealing what’s ours.
Back Off China

Don’t you have no shame for getting ‘bullying’ the smaller countries. I admit that our country is not capable to wage war against a giant country like China, but that doesn’t mean you can invoke injustice to us. You don’t even have to warn us from getting help from other countries, especially the US, because we just can’t let ourselves get bullied by the likes of yours. I’m sure the US knows that.

Back Off ChinaSo the root of all of this is ‘greed‘? Why do you want our Scarborough shoal so much? It’s because of the riches within, right? Can’t you get contented? You make fake products, the DRUGLORDS originated from you, your citizens took over most of our land here in the Philippines, still you want more? OH Jesus Christ! I hope you can be forgiven.

I just want you to know that we are living in peace. I wish you stop destroying our happy lives. We just want to live in peace, and that’s that.

The Lord will side on us, so whatever happens, we will be fine Filipinos.

My fellow Filipinos, what do you think of this matter? You can share all your opinions, hatred, random thought here. Just comment below.

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