How to Hard Boil Eggs – The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Only a day and it’s already Easter Sunday. Now what comes to mind when Easter Sunday approaches? Wouldn’t it be eggs? Eggs had been a symbol for the Happy Easter Sunday. Easter egg hunting is some of the tradition game we do during the special event.

It seems boiling an egg is a very good idea for Easter Sunday. You wouldn’t use fresh eggs because it’s prone to breakage. Plus, hard-boiled eggs are edible, a great reward for kids participating in the Easter egg hunting. You know, making hard-boiled eggs are easy. I’ll give you some steps for it.

Since it’s Easter, you may want to make it presentable. When I say presentable, no trace of crackings. You can’t design the eggs if there’s a single crack on it.

Now first, prepare a cooking pot. You’ll be using that to boil the water where the eggs are soaked as well. Use a cold water to avoid crackings. Put it on the cooking pot, and then the eggs. Make sure the water level is about an inch or two from bottom of the cooking pot. Now it’s time to make the stove work. Just moderate the fire level. I suggest you keep it to low fire state, to gently make the water boil, and so to avoid sudden too much pressure that will cause the eggshells to crack. To be sure, don’t put a cover on the pot.

An estimation of 12-15 minutes cooking time is needed. You can feel it to yourself that the egg is already hard-boiled. After the said time of cooking, remove the eggs from the pot, and place it in a bowl of cold water. You can put it on the fridge afterwards. I assure you, the eggs are perfectly hard-boiled.

When it comes to eating it, you won’t have problems peeling the shells. I can guarantee that. Oh well, Happy Easter Sunday!

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