How Facebook Affects My Time

Oh Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg that he created Facebook, a splendid social networking site that is helpful in some way. Well, for us youngsters, Facebook is part of our lifestyle. Most of us open our Facebook account almost everyday. It is no wonder, Facebook is one of the best site to advertise because about millions and millions are using the site.

Facebook Clock

Now if you imagine, how much time do you spend for Facebook? Have you calculated how much time you have spent since you created your account? As for me, I don’t know the answer, but if I’ll estimate it, I think I spent about 114 days straight or 2737 hours already. I started using Facebook last 2008, when not everyone knows it, the site just bloomed in the year 2009.

If you think practically, what can I do with 2737 hours? Could I have been finished a 50+ pocketbooks? Could I have created something I can monetize? Right now, TIME MANAGEMENT matters to me. I don’t have much time to waste since I do business while I study. So now, I promise I’ll just limit my Facebooking to 1 hour a day, or just make it to 2 hrs but not everyday. And as challenge, I’ll try to refrain from using it daily, like I’ll just have a limit of 4 hours a week for Facebook. Is that a great deal?

Now how do you find Facebook affecting your time?

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