God VS Satan: Who Do You Side With?

This is SIMPLE question with SIMPLE answer, but do those words really have simple values? The question is “Prior to the battle of God VS Satan, who do you side with?” Pretty simple, eh? Obviously, you’ll answer “God”. That’s 100% sure, unless you’re an anti-Christ or a minion of the devil. In answering “God”, do you think you really have that answer honestly?

God VS Satan

I’ll explain this brief and easy. The answer depends on your actions. Whenever there is a battle, the action you take gives the answer to the question. Let’s say you saw a wallet dropped by a man. You picked it up, and then saw that it has lots of money in it. Now there comes a battle between God and Satan. If you choose the path of light by giving back the wallet, you answer “God” in the question I asked earlier. Otherwise, your answer is “Satan” if you decided to take it to yourself.

It is really a simple question, but has a deep meaning to it, agree? Now share something, and let’s see if who do you side with. Haha!

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