Final Fantasy 7 Series Sequels and Prequels

I was happy that Final Fantasy 7 didn’t stop on when they first defeated Sephiroth in the final battle. They even made a twist of having a revival of Sephiroth through 3 so-called brothers of him. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children was fine to be a sequel, even showing Zack and Aerith Gainsborough though they were already dead. In Advent Children, it was a one-on-one between two EX-Soldiers. But I was also saddened by the ending, where they will left you with a sign of there’s nothing more coming.

I was wrong. Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core did come after. Although it wasn’t a sequel, a prequel was good too to show how Cloud Strife became the EX-Soldier we came to know, and OBVIOUSLY we want to know clearly what happened to the past. I wasn’t expecting that Zack Fair was way stronger from Cloud when that time Cloud was still a mere ordinary Soldier. Saying “Cloud, You’re My Living Legacy” and ” ‘Rest In Peace Zack’, your dreams, your honor” was kind of dramatic and heart melting. It was like he sacrificed his life for the future of his friend.

One thing did also come up. It was the story of Vincent Valentine. He was a a gun user, and played a great part in the Advent Children. The Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus was kind of unique to the original gameplay of Final Fantasy series. I don’t know much of the story, but I’m sure I’ll be playing it before the year ends. Btw, this has also a short movie.

Now I’m expecting a sequel or prequel. I actually want a prequel of how Zack became a SOLDIER, so the story would revolve around Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. Also, don’t forget Sephiroth. They should feature Cissnei and Aerith too. Hehe. I hope Square Enix would hear me out, more like Hironobu Sakaguchi or Yoichi Wada. But I guess it’s impossible.

I also heard there will be a remake of Final Fantasy VII series in PS3. It’s entitled “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII”, and it was announced by the Square Enix CEO last March 2010. Let’s hope for the enhancement.

What can you say about Final Fantasy 7 series? Feel free to express what you have in mind and heart. 😀

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