Beware of ‘Open-Bag’ Snatching!

Have you experienced getting your precious item lost? You know the feeling of having something important to you won’t be coming back, right?

Now what if the scenario is not a lost item, but a stolen one? It’s much harder for us to accept because threre is someone to blame. If it’s not your fault, you’ll be more pissed off since it should have been happened if you or the thief is not there.

20110818-020649.jpgThese days, a new racket is getting too troublesome. You know the style of ‘bukas bag’ or ‘open bag’ stealing? This caught too much attention because of many cases happening this millenium.

Last Tuesday, I became a victim for this one. My Nokia 5500 sport got stolen in which I wasn’t aware of when it happened. I just realized when I was riding a jeep back home that my bag is open. I said “What the hell!”, upon not seeing my cellphone anymore inside the bag. Now I still don’t know how it happened. The phone is very precious to me because of its sentimental value, not the monetary value. It’s been 6 years since my mom bought it for me, my very first cellphone. I really curse the thief, for not just stealing my phone but also my memories in and with my phone. Good thing my Nokia E72 and my Appl
iPod Touch were in my pocket, and so they got spared. Thank God!

Just a while ago, I received a gm from a friend telling that she was also a victim too. Her money and some stuff were stolen from her bag. It seems many are doing this racket. Be careful guys! You don’t know what may happen. Just become attentive and fast walker. Also, avoid delicate places like Quiapo, Monumento and Novaliches(where I got snatched stealthly).

Stealing is bad! They should know it! Any experiences?

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  1. hamsandwich September 2, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    lol…naging biktima din ako nyan last year…pagsakay ko ng jeep nkita ko nalan open na bag nawala na lacoste kong wallet (lol i dunn if orig bsta galing ke mama un)…papunta pa naman ako ng church nun..:( at ung pera ay pambayad ko sa PRC sana at ninakaw tsk tsk tsk….


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