Anxiety is My Best Enemy

How anxious are you? Do you feel anxious most of the time?

Just so you know, anxiety is the feeling of deep worrying. You can’t focus with anxiety on your side. It’s the feeling you’re not even aware yourself, most of the time it doesn’t.

Honestly, I’m an anxious person. I quickly get the feeling of anxiety from just small problems. I think I inherited that quality or maybe not.

I don’t like the feeling of getting anxious. First of all, it keeps me from my focus. I can’t concentrate with anxiety on my side. There are many side-effects of it, and most of them are really really bad.

I think of anxiety as my best enemy. I’m looking for many ways to overcome this. Until now, I don’t have an answer. I need to get rid of this to make my self really happy.

Do you think anxiety as pure negative too?

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