China, Back Off From Our Philippine Waters!

Oh, how thick your face are China! You warning us Filipinos about not to ‘internationalise‘ about the hot issue of Scarborough shoal? First of all, by entering our territory, you just internationalised the issue, because that’s trespassing. Your poachers should even get arrested for stealing what’s ours. Don’t you have no shame for getting ‘bullying’(…)

Visita Iglesia 2012

Just got home from a Visita Iglesia! Well, this Holy Week 2012 is kind of sad to me, I don’t know why. Maybe because we were just 6 who went to the Visita Iglesia. Sometimes, the feeling of participating such events gets happier when more company participate. This Maundy Thursday, we went to about 7(…)

My NBA Odds Experience

Well, this is my first time to enter the gambling world. I couldn’t imagine myself engaging myself to this kind of act, but I did. That’s life. It’s just that there are many things that are unexpected to happen. About 2nd week of March, it was my first time betting on this ‘NBA Odds‘ my(…)