Shakugan No Shana III – The Final Season for Shakugan No Shana!

Good news fellas! There’s a season 3 for our favorite action-romance anime, Shakugan No Shana! I was losing hope on for this anime to have another sequel, but thank God they made a season to FINALLY end the anime series. They even made it Shakugan No Shana III Final, clearing out that this would be(…)

Myself ; Yourself Anime – Ending Not Good Enough

Recently, I have watched an anime titled “Myself ; Yourself”. I found it one of the top anime in Crunchyroll. Well, it’s really limited because of regional limitations. I decided to watch it since it has a good introduction. With two days allotment, I finished the 13-episode anime. As I watch the episodes nearing the(…)