Willie Revillame – Child Abuse Issue in Willing Willie

We have known Willie Revillame for being a famous host of noon time shows. He started with the three of them, namely: John Estrada, Randy Santiago, and Willie Revillame. The MTB or Magandang Tanghali Bayan started November 1998. It was the first issue of Willie, being a disrespectful one, together with the two. The next would be on Wowowee when there happened a stampede at the Ultra. Many died in the event, and obviously, Willie was to blame by the people. Next issue, Wowowee was alleged to be cheating, with their game show ‘Wilyonaryo’. A fight between Jobert and Willie caused the departure of the host from the network. There’s a deep story to that which was explained by Willie in the episode last April 8, 2011.

Willie found a new home at TV5. In that network, Willie established what is now the ‘Willing Willie’. He chose a host partner, Shalani Soledad. Each week, the show shows great improvement. It has come to this that the show acquired many sponsors, and fame to the public. This may be a big reason for the ‘co-family’ network to be in bitter state.

Yes, Willie triumphed in rising back to fame. Months have passed with the show giving ratings on the network. TV5 joined the competition, forming a triangle with the “co-heart” and the “co-family”. Unfortunately, a new problem rose because of the episode March 12, 2011 of Willing Willie.

Jan-Jan, a six year-old boy, was a contestant that day. His talent is dancing. What he danced was a macho dancing, with the music “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg. I admit, it was really funny, to think the kid cries while dancing the macho dancing. A single malice was never there to begin with. Willie joked around, intending to make the atmosphere more lively and fun. He made Jan-Jan danced again in again as the song was replayed again and again. It was not forceful. As the song plays, the kid dances with it. It’s like a robot running with what has been programmed to it. In the end, Jan-Jan made a small intermission before the commercial break. He was in the middle, a platform rising up while he was on it dancing with the music. The dancers and other staff joined the fun in the middle.

Now for my point of view. I don’t really think Willie did a bad thing about that. Was it a child abuse to grant what the child wants to do? In the first place, he has no idea that the kid will be dancing the macho dance. It was really unexpected. How come that’s exploitation? I’m not a fan of him, but I believe he does not deserved to be criticized with just a small issue. And it’s really connecting. With the OTHER network in bitterness, there are rumors that some are sending striking letters to sponsors, in order for them to pull out from the show. That’s so horrible! You can’t avoid to think who’s the culprit. What do you think?

Willie Revillame is changing. We know that. He intends to help the poor to amend for his sins.I can see he really wants to give hope to those who can’t recover from poverty. He gives smiles to those who can’t afford to move their mouth because of poverty. Out of all that, he wants the world to know what was the situation of our other countrymen. Was it bad to aim that goal? We can see that if we just don’t close our eyes. The OTHER network should not just think of only business, but concern too.

Try to watch the part of the episode with Jan-Jan on it, and then hear out what Willie has said on the last episode before the taping. He let it all out, and I understand why he should do it. I’ll be posting the videos below.

Anyway, please comment on what you think about the issue. Do you hate Willie, or not? All comments are respected, as long as you respect the post too. Please don’t use bad words. Be professional. 🙂