Wordcamp Philippines 2010 – A Very Meaningful Day

Whew! I managed to attend a once in a year blog event where bloggers all over the country meet for some exciting activities. Wordcamp Philippines 2010 was a success for me. I learned a lot from this event. Not only did I get tips and ideas from those with high profile already, but also from ordinary bloggers like me.

I sacrificed one day for this exciting event. Well, it was worth it. I met many famed people including the creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. He’s so great, to think he came up with the idea of making an open-source platform, the WordPress. Next, we stumbled across the representative of Google here, Aileen Apollo. Like Matt, she’s nice too.

We had participated to the talks which the event was all about. There were some prizes to keep the campers alive. We were also given freebies as prior to our participation in the event. By the way, I liked the ID they made. The food which was free was good. My stomach was quite satisfied, feels like I was gonna go for more.

Well, I find this day meaningful. Why? UHM…Because I found something..or maybe someone…valuable. Hahaha. I was SO happy…dated October 2, 2010. The whole day was like a journey. Even after the event, I was really happy…uhm…because… Haha.. I can’t tell you….Guess to the death!! Haha… Oh well, nevermind. I was just saying that I find this day somewhat special to me because of the event, and what the event gave to me.

Were you a camper also? How do find Wordcamp Philippines 2010?

P.S … Thank You WordPress, Google, Smart, College of St. Benilde, SolidHosting, Krispy Kreme, AIM, Flippish, Doubledot, Neo, GandaEverSOMuch, AvatarMedia and Mr Jehzlau. Did I miss one?

Special Mention: Thanks Woothemes for my ticket…and someone for making my day!