Would There Still be an Ending for Detective Conan Series?

I’m sure you know this very popular series which started way back from 1996. Now, like me, many are wondering if there is an end for the Detective Conan series. Well, you see it has now about 641 episodes since it started. Let’s say 70% of the episodes are stand-alone, I mean you can understand the episode without knowing the beginning of the anime.

Detective Conan

An anime like this with Shinichi Kudo being a high school detective is very cool. It is very unlikely in reality, but we can’t help getting amazed in the flow of story. Shinichi Kudo acts now as Edogawa Conan for becoming a kid in the episode 1 of Detective Conan.

In your opinion, when would this series Detective Conan come to an end? I’m very excited to know how he will regain his true size. And what would the ending be like of Detective Conan? Any suggestion or reaction?

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