The Origin of Fliptop Rap Battle – 8 Mile

Filipino people would know what is ‘Fliptop‘ if they hear it said by people around. Well, this rap battle rose to fame in the Philippines as they were publicized through Facebook and Youtube. If you love the mockery world, then you would appreciate Fliptop as they usually have these bad words and fake facts to insult their opponents with the use of rap. Since their insult rhymes, you find it entertaining as you find them great composers. But the point of view of the holy people and professionals here, hmm, they’re kind of ‘rubbish’ and senseless.

Eminem 8 Mile

Now, do you know where this Fliptop may have originated? I am to say they are original, I would be lying. Of course, Fliptop was just adopted from an existing rap battle in the US. If we say RAP, we may be thinking about ‘Eminem‘ at first thought. After all, he is the so-called ‘God of Rap‘ or King. If you hear him raps, you would be standing from your chair out of amazement.

So basically, I do think they just made the Fliptop while seeing this 8 Mile movie of Eminem. This movie really rocks for those who likes rap battles. The story is also great, though it left me hanging. Could this 8 Mile be the origin of what we have now as Fliptop?

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