Super Bowl XLVI KickOff Is On February 5, 2012 – Super Bowl 2012 Schedule

The 46th annual edition for the Super Bowl of American Football will be on February 5, 2012, Sunday. This will be the 42nd championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The Super Bowl XLVI (46) will be held on Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Super Bowl 2012 - Super Bowl XLVI

We are glad to know that the stadium’s roof is a retractable one. The travelling audience may also be glad that this Super Bowl XLVI will be held on a cold-weather city. Probably, you guys are excited on what’s with Super Bowl 2012.

Now you can cast your bets who will be the team for the AFC and NFC to kickoff on Super Bowl 2012? Would it be the Patriots? Steelers? Ravens? Packers? Saints? 49ers? We don’t know yet until all the games are finished.

Whichever team could make on Super Bowl 2012, we must still not miss this once in a year big event of NFL. Watch Super Bowl XLVI on NBC Live or Verizon’s Wireless NFL app.

Any predictions for Super Bowl 2012?

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