Justice for Myka Gutierrez!

This is yet another crime that we should not overlook. Every criminal we let their crimes unpaid, is like building a bridge for other potential criminals to cross the world of crime.

We heard the news about a tourism student from St Paul University murdered by her boyfriend last February 2, 2011. It seems they quarreled about something that lead to the overflowing anger of Kristoffer Von Moraleja, stabbing 10 times on different parts of the body, and was believed that 3 of those went through her heart. It has been 1 year already, but the culprit still hasn’t been found. The issue must be reopened!

Justice for Myka Gutierrez

The victim is named Mizzielle Jamyka Cruz Gutierrez , she was just 21 years old. She could have lived longer if no for her DEMON boyfriend.

Kristoffer’s father, Von Moraleja, knowing he’s an ex-police and currently a Barangay executive, has no heart, even the Barangay tanod(watchman) who let the criminal escaped.

Here are some of the pictures of the EVIL – Kristoffer Von Moraleja. I can’t imagine SOMEONE able to love this guy. His face is pathetic, not worth loving for or having a crush on. This proves how the world is very circular, or oblate spheroid.

Kristoffer Von Moraleja

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If you think you can tip about the whereabouts of the MORALEJA family, contact:

Pasay Police – Pasay FB Harrison Street 831-7322, 833-3734, 831-9702 or 831-5054


09227141192 – Angelo
09212729368 – Marie Jean Gutierrez
09261107943 – Boyong

You can also email or message them on Facebook at:

Justice for Myka!

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