Earn Millions From A Business You Can Start With Just P3988!

Finding a part time job is not so easy nowadays. Usually, you need to be trained for 2 months to 6 months before finally become a regular worker there. With that, why not just start a business from P3988? Investing small money like that can earn you millions, more than you can imagine.

First, if ever your business fails, what’s to lose? P3988? Is it too big? Imagine starting a business business with P500,000 as capital money, then got bankrupt after some months or a year. How would you feel about it? Now compare it to P3988. Is P3988 too big for you? I guess not.

But here’s the similarity. The business you invested with P3988 can earn you millions, same with whatever business you started with P500,000. Where do you feel safe? Of course, it would be the smaller capital, yet same revenue potential you get.

Introducing the BUSINESS:

What: vMobile Technologies Inc.

Investment: P3988

Business Membership: Lifetime

Company Background:

VMobile Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Penta Capital Investment Corporation.
Penta Capital is one of the biggest and reputable financial institutions in the Philippines. Their clients includes Shell, Alaska, MRT, Cebu Pacific, ABS-CBN, Petron, KFC, San Miguel Corporation and 7-Eleven. A proof that they are a stable and well managed company. VMobile is proud to become a part of this corporation.

Company Background

Established in April 2008, VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile) is the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects, real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital received its license from BSP in 2006 to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services.

The inception of VMobile is a renewed commitment to ensure stability and address the growth requirement of LoadXtreme™. Before the acquisition by VMobile, LoadXtreme™ is the flagship program of Portal Innovations Corporation (Portal) that offers retail business opportunity to independent agents using mobile phones and computers connected to the internet as primary tools in processing customer orders and retail transactions. Since 2004, LoadXtreme™ brings together wide range of prepaid products and services from different merchants and service providers.


vMobile Legalities

How to Earn: There are actually 8 Ways!

8 Ways to Earn in vMobile

1. Personal Lifetime Discount: More than 200 Prepaid Products to offer and save 8% ~ 11 %
while loading yourself or your family.

2. Business Kit Sales: Earn P5,000 immediately on your 20 Techno User Cards (20 X 250.00 = 5,000.00) Fast R.O.I. !

LoadXtreme Access Card

3. Franchise Retail Override (F.R.O.) – Earn 1-2% from the sales/transactions of your Techno Users
everytime they load themselves or their family.

Access Cards Override

4. Subscription Sales Override (S.S.O.) – Earn every time one of your Technousers register another Technouser.

Every Technopreneurs can sign-up 20 TechnoUsers(Cards) and TechnoUsers can sign-up 10 other TechnoUsers(SMS).
Technopreneurs earns P250 direct endorsement and TechnoUsers earns P50 (1st level)
Technopreneur earns P40 indirect endorsement and TechnoUsers earns P20 (2nd to 8th level)
Technopreneur earns P20 indirect endorsement (9th level to infinity)


5. MyTURF Patronage Rewards (PR) – Earn 1% for every P100 purchase of MyTurf products.

Patronage Reward

6. Direct Sales Incentive (DSI): Earn 500.00 Pesos for each Direct Dealership Referral. You can invite as many as you want.

Direct Sales

7. Team Sales Bonus (TSB): Earn another 500.00 Pesos each package sold by your Technopreneurs. (Pairing)

Your team is divided into two groups (Teams A and B). The person whom you have invited to join VMobile can also invite others. You earn maximum of P500 per pair in you team. NO FLUSH OUT!



EXTRA: Endorsement / Referral: Refer your friends & relatives to Vmobile and you’ll be REWARDED with COOL PRIZES!

Now to earn easily, business groups are made to make your life easier doing the business. I AM PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE …. TEAM SKYROCKET!

Introducing the Team Skyrocket!

Goal: To establish a business group where individuals share time, efforts, joy and blessings to achieve success for each and everyone in the group.

Motto: SKY is the LIMIT! (That’s why it’s SkyRocket!)

What WE DO:

The group will be there to help one another. One can provide help, trainings and valuable information about the business itself. Consider the group as your workmates and family, one that can help you when you needed them in terms of the business, pero baka pwede din personal problems. HAHA! 🙂

My upline is a millionaire and an owner of a vMobile office branch. Here’s some earning proofs of her:

vMobile Proof 1

vMobile Proof 2

Here are the packages:

vMobile Packages

It’s up to you what packages you prefer, but honestly, the P3988 is enough to make you a millionare for months. You can use your guts to play the money to increase more revenue. It’s all up to you. Team Skyrocket is there to help you achieve it!

Now you can just REGISTER here if you want to know more about the business, or your are already decided to start your business. Just fill out the appointment form, and I’ll be the one to contact you via mobile or email, or even Facebook so be sure to leave your email, number or you Facebook profile link there. But if you want to make a follow-up, then you can text 09151265587 and look for Jr.
Thank You!

Remember this:

It is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all!

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