Nonito Donaire “The Filipino Flash” Could Be the Next Pacquiao?

We all know that Manny Pacquiao is aging, and could be losing the people’s excitement during his every fight. We could be thinking that there should be a next Pacquiao or at least an alternative to represent the Filipinos in the boxing field. We’ve been seeing Nonito Donaire Jr. promising as a next Manny Pacquiao.(…)

Pacquiao VS Bradley Fight Results – Manny Has Been Robbed!

I hate to report this Pacquiao VS Bradley Fight Results since it didn’t come out to our expectation. Timothy Bradley wins the fight. Well, whaddaya know? Manny Pacquiao has just been robbed here. It’s very obvious that Manny Pacquiao really won this one, FUCK those who say it’s Bradley’s day. Use your eyes, goddammit judges!(…)

Watch Pacquiao VS Bradley Live Stream Online

We Filipinos really want to watch Pacquiao VS Bradley in live stream online, that’s not new because we can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada to watch Pacquiao VS Bradley LIVE, so we just tune in to televisions and live stream available. It’s so boring to just hear from the news what happened in the fight,(…)