Sexy Kaye Abad for FHM Cover June 2012

Now I’m a bit shocked when I see the sexy Kaye Abad for FHM Philippines June 2012 as the cover girl. There’s no questions asked for that issue, her body deserves to be the cover for FHM Philippines June 2012 issue. I completely agree with that.

Sexy Kaye Abad FHM June 2012

After getting some fame back for her role in Angelito: Ang Batang Ama, maybe she tries some things anew that could even put her higher than where she is now. Imagine being the cover girl for one of the popular men’s magazine in the Philippines. For sure Kaye Abad will get more offers and shows for being hot there.

My classmates even talked about Kaye being hot for her age. She’s kinda old compared to Cristine Reyes and Angel Locsin, but she still has the guts and body to go par with them. So what can you say about Kaye Abad as FHM Philippines June 2012 cover girl?

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