Kobe Bryant as the Black Mamba Comes February 2011

Our famed basketball idol, Kobe Bryant, has become a great icon in the basketball league of NBA. He became the second Michael Jordan, as he rose to the top since becoming a rookie until now. We always go for LA Lakers because of Kobe Bryant. How about when you see him protecting on what he lived for?

The Black Mamba starring Kobe Bryant becomes the heat sports movie for this February 2011. We are all excited to see Kobe appears on a movie, since Michael Jordan appeared too in ‘Space Jam’. In this movie, Kobe Bryant will be the protector of basketball. Watch him as he save the day, as well as show some moves for our avid fans wanting for more action from him.

Black Mamba is originally one of the longest venomous snake, and it lives in Africa. This should not be feared because it’s shy, and doesn’t use his speed to hunt preys. It’s venom is mostly used when it comes to the worst case scenario. Kobe Bryant should be adored, not feared. 🙂

Watch the trailer above to feel more the excitement Black Mamba gives us.

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  1. Nonoy February 17, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Kobe Bryant is indeed not just a Black mamba but a SUper Black Mamba. He;s my idol in basketball. For me , he is the Michael Jordan of today.


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