How Internship (OJT) Experience Can Make You Confident

Have you experienced On-the-Job Training or Internship work? Most students are required to take part of it as training for the work industry after graduation. With it being compulsory, students are forced to have an early work experience even with a low salary, just allowance, or none at all. That’s not an issue, since you’re just after the experience, right?

So how’s this OJT or Internship have anything to do with you? It hones your skills, gives you the actual sight of what you’re studying from books and notes, and most important…the confidence it gives you.

InternshipWhy CONFIDENCE? Well, having to work with other professionals and experienced workers is a big honor and job to do. Imagine being one of them, the responsibility you are now having because of the position they have given you. Won’t that sharpen your skills?

For me, students really need OJT or Internship experience before their graduation. It’s a BIG thing for me, so give a little time for it, at least 160-240 hours. Right now, I’m working as a trainee from KIA. I need to finish my 240 hours to claim my certificate of work experience. I’ll be posting my KIA experience on my next post about it.

By the way, OJT and Internship is just the same. Different terms, same meaning. 🙂

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