Earn Money Online By Spending Your 5 Minutes a Day – Very Easy Part-Time!

Do you want to earn online by just spending 5 minutes of your time per day ANYTIME? You know that life is hard today, so I guess having part-time is really recommended. But what is 5 minutes, if the reward would be lots and lots of $$$? Fortunately, there’s a method of earning online by just spending 5 minutes of your time daily. You just need a computer, internet connection and your Facebook.

Want to learn how?

First, you need to sign up here to Clixsense, the site where we will getting our salaries. NOTE that you DON’T NEED TO SPEND EVEN A single DOLLAR or a PESO here. This is FREE! Not a networking scheme you see everywhere. This is why it’s good. Now, proceed with the registration. Click the link above or just click the image below.

Clixsense Registration

Upon entering the link you just clicked, fill out right away the sign up box in the right side, then sign up. Make sure you what put there holds true because it’s money we are talking about.

You just finished Step 1. Now you need a Paypal account. Just make a Paypal account, then set the payment method of your Clixsense to Paypal. Just tweak your settings after logging in to Clixsense. That’s for Step 2.

Clixsense Settings

Now Step 3 would be viewing (clicking) the advertisement there. That’s how we earn money. Every ad you view adds money to your balance. When the balance reaches $8, you can cash it out then thru Paypal.

Step 4 would be to spread the word too. Get you referrals by giving them your referral link. That’s where the role of Facebook enters then. Have your 20-30 friends to join this Clixsense, then I guarantee you that you will earn $25 or more in a week. Not bad for 5 minutes per day, huh? There’s no limit of how much you earn here, so the more you invite to this program, the more you earn. Building a team is needed here. So upon joining here, you’re already part of my team, and you have my back, so feel free to ask my help since we are a team now.

Clixsense Proof
Payment Proof from Jomar Aban

There are other more ways here in Clixsense:

Doing Tasks.
Answering Surveys.
Taking Offers.

I’ll elaborate them all for you. I’ll answer all your questions and even teach you some SECRETS! So after you SIGN UP here for Clixsense, you can just contact me for supoprt. Thank You! Welcome to the TEAM! By the way, the name of the team will be GOWPEN!

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