Pacquiao VS Margarito

Paquiao VS Margarito Results – The 8th Belt for Pacman

Hurray for the “People Champ” Manny Pacquiao. He did it for the Super Welterweight division. He won the match in which he got a unanimous decision with the score cards 120-108. You can see just from the face of Margarito the wrath of Pacman’s fists. He sure got beaten up there in the 12 rounds(…)

Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito: Who will be the Champ?

Now this topic of Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito becomes hotter and hotter as the boxing match comes to a close. This is the number one question in both the Philippines and Mexico plus the whole boxing world, is it “Manny Pacquiao or Antonio Margarito”? First of all, I’m not becoming bias here because you(…)