NBA Finals 2012 Prediction

A short NBA Finals 2012 Prediction from! I’ve been enjoying the semi-finals playoffs 2012 every morning, and then I came up with a prediction as to which two teams will face for the NBA Finals 2012. It is no other than Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. You could say I bet on the(…)

My NBA Odds Picks April 2, 2012

Here are the odds for tonight’s game, April 2, 2012: Mem +8 @ OKC LAC +4.5 @ DAL MIL @ WAS +7 UTA +2 @ POR HOU +8 @ CHI MIN +3.5 @ SAC Below are my picks: OKC (Super Pick) – For the last 3 games of OKC, it has never failed me. Durant(…)

My NBA Odds Experience

Well, this is my first time to enter the gambling world. I couldn’t imagine myself engaging myself to this kind of act, but I did. That’s life. It’s just that there are many things that are unexpected to happen. About 2nd week of March, it was my first time betting on this ‘NBA Odds‘ my(…)