Auto Submitter Digg

Wow! This is so convenient. Digg has now supports auto-submitter. It’s like using OnlyWire. You’ll be auto-submitting the articles you publish without have the trouble to log-in, and do it manually. As a blogger, I find this very cool and time efficient. Now I won’t have to waste my time manually submitting. This is really(…)

Final Fantasy 7 Series Sequels and Prequels

I was happy that Final Fantasy 7 didn’t stop on when they first defeated Sephiroth in the final battle. They even made a twist of having a revival of Sephiroth through 3 so-called brothers of him. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children was fine to be a sequel, even showing Zack and Aerith Gainsborough though they(…)

I Hate the Year of the Three

I just really hate experiencing a terrible year. Since I haven’t got the feeling for the previous years, it makes me sizzle out of annoyance thinking why should it come to this. Normally, I would be just fine even if little efforts were given, and worry was not a thing. You may be wondering what(…)