December 21,2012 – The Date All of Us Are Scared to Come?

Do you believe in the “End of the World” this coming 2012? I know that those positive thinker or busy in life will just say, “Oh, this is BULLCRAP!” Well, that goes for me too, since I even don’t want to believe that because I’m still young. I can’t afford to waste my time terrorizing(…)

Nice to Meet You, Karleng!

I stumbled on someone’s profile in Facebook today. Facebook’s “People You May Know” really does helpful, eh? Well, here’s the story. I added someone, and let’s just call her “Karleng”. It’s my first time to encounter a girl like her. She values highly of the security. That’s great. That’s a more reason for her to(…)

How About I Join Greenpeace?

Is there a moment in your life where you asked yourself, “What’s happening to the world?” Of course, nowadays, abnormal calamities are happening, and some of time caused massive deaths to many countries. Don’t you think there’s a reason for that? Now I think I’ll be joining a group that will at least contribute to(…)

God VS Satan: Who Do You Side With?

This is SIMPLE question with SIMPLE answer, but do those words really have simple values? The question is “Prior to the battle of God VS Satan, who do you side with?” Pretty simple, eh? Obviously, you’ll answer “God”. That’s 100% sure, unless you’re an anti-Christ or a minion of the devil. In answering “God”, do(…)