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WooThemes – The Colors of Blogging

Blogging? Why do we blog? Ever since the internet became popular and easier to connect with, the blogosphere came to exist. This consists of bloggers around the world. What’s the purpose? Just ONE word for it, “EXPRESSION”. We really blog to express ourselves, right? If you read the contents of a blog, you can see(…)

The Start of my Journey with Vera 7

For so long, I haven’t joined again a networking company since November 2009. Well, I rested for about months and months after involving myself to network marketing. Of course, I gained something. I became a leader in some way. I learned to plan things out too. The only bad effects of this one is the(…)

Doom of Preliminaries

Naah…Here I am again. It’s been so long since I last posted here in my personal website. For 3 months, I tried other business which gave me lots of money, but I know that this day would come that it would also have an end. Well, there were bad effects on me which I hated(…)