RGC VS Garena: Which is the Best DotA Client?

This is my first interview about a gaming client, and it’s this RGC VS Garena, where RGC is Ranked Gaming Client, and both RGC and Garena are DotA gaming clients.

So the BIG question, which is the best? RGC or Garena?

RGC VS Garena

Now, based on my gaming experiences, it’s a 100% sure YES to RGC and 100% sure NO to Garena. Why? Well, here’s my comments about those two DotA clients:


Not connection flexible. You can’t mix up with other internet providers. For example, PLDT and Bayantel users can’t play together, or the game for one of them being foreign will result to lag or delay.

Does NOT have a game system. Since there’s no system existing, it’s prone to be the den of the QUITTERS. Since there are no rules, then they just quit and quit since there’s nothing to lose anyway.

No RECONNECT chances. Once disconnected, you can NEVER go back to game.

Doesn’t have a command system. It’s non-existent to Garena, as they even don’t have observers per game.

Crowded TOO MUCH. It’s not really fun to play with your time on the line for just entering a room so you can play.

Lastly, Garena is for NOOBS. I could say there are a lot of NOOBS here. That’s a FACT.


Any connection is good as long as it’s fast. No need to explain this. Let’s just say it’s hybrid! 😀

Has a POINT system. It serves as a anti-QUITTERS. To those who value their account, these points serves as their standing. When it gets as low as 1450, then you can be kicked by others before the game starts. It also shows how good you are as a player.

You can RECONNECT after disconnection. As long as you can reconnect in 2 minutes, you’re still alive in the game.

Even as CROWDED as Garena, it can hold up as many players online. That’s good!

Every game is challenging. Since the games are usually in CM (Captain Mode). Usually, the players in RGC wants professional game, meaning with PLAN. So your 1 game in RGC is worth much more than 3 games in Garena.

As a user of Garena for about 7 years, I can tell all of these weaknesses in their system. RGC just came to me this April 2012, but I can say so much to this. Those are my observations.

If you are just a starter in DotA, then try Garena first, then switch to RGC when you are ready to become a PRO. You can comment here of what you think about RGC VS Garena. Do you agree that RGC is better than Garena?