Buy and Sell Business Technique

I just realized that Buy and Sell can really make much of a bucks. I have this friend that only started from P4500 or $105, which became like P60,000 or $1400 in the present. How did he do that? Well, that’s the power of Buy and Sell.

I asked about that technique he has been doing for Buy and Sell, but he just told me how he did it.

Buy and Sell Technique

Buy and Sell Technique:

At first, he was given a Samsung Galaxy Y as gift. He didn’t want to use it so he sold it for P5000. The buyer has friends who also so wanted the unit so they requested for more. He’s been buying those unit for about P4000. All in all, he sold 5 units, so he made P5000 profit. He bought an iPod Touch for P8,000, then sold it for P10,500. He kept doing that until he has the capacity to afford a Macbook Air. Imagine that!

He finally answered my question regarding the technique about Buy and Sell. “It’s resourcefulness,” he answered. That’s the key for Buy and Sell. Find a cheaper price from the the market value, then sell it for a value just a bit higher from your purchase price.

That’s one of the techniques in Buy and Sell, especially when you are still a starter. Do you have other techniques to share too for Buy and Sell business?