Petron Scholarship Program – My First Interview Experience

Yo guys! This is yet another share from my experience. I think I’m growing up. There are things to do which I think is pain in the @ss, but when you experienced it you’ll realize, “Wow, that was fantastic!”

Anyway, just last November 17, I got an interview with Petron, the largest oil company in the Philippines. The interview was for those who applied for a scholarship Petron is offering. They are in need of students from chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering departments. Since I’m a mechanical engineering student, I’m eligible to apply, present in the condition that I still don’t have failing grades.


While we wait for our turns, we were cramming and feeling nervous because it was our first time to be interviewed by a company representatives. Having in mind that that was a formal interview, the fear of going to be blocked out, and also the failure to answer in English promptly and completely.

I was the second to the last to be interviewed. Those who came before me made some strange faces, like “OMG! Am I a loser?” Well, maybe they just failed to express themselves properly. In any how, communication skills and English grammar is needed for interviews like this.

Now the HR called my name. Before I opened the door, I was shivering in terror. I’m expecting a hardcore interview. Well, after I shook hands with them and greet them, I sit in the chair the asked me to sit. They then started to ask me questions. I was surprised when I just answered all of them continuously. I was expecting myself to experience a mental block, but it didn’t happen.

I can say that I felt really good about it. It was a great experience at all. I hope I’d be one of the lucky chosen ones. This opportunity can really help my career plus my family.

And another thing, I discovered that I have a skill in which when on the spot, I can handle things without a plan. I’m so happy about it. 🙂

You have something to share too?