Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight on November 2012

Sorry to break your excitement about Pacquiao VS Mayweather LIVE on May 5, 2012, but that will be no more. You see, there has been a conflict on Floyd Mayweather Jr. which postponed again the most-awaited match in the boxing world. Floyd Mayweather will be staying on jail for about 90 days for the case he was found guilty of.

I can’t blame the case for delaying the Pacquiao VS Mayweather match, of course, Mayweather should pay for his crime, especially for being dirty and gay. Haha! I have 100% full confidence that Manny Pacquiao will win this bout, and that chicken will cry for his first BIG defeat.

Pacquiao VS Mayweather on November 2012

Now it seems November 2012 is the date Top Rank indicated for the Pacquiao VS Mayweather. I’m so excited about this one too. I’ll avail the pay-per-view for Pacquiao VS Mayweather even if it cost me $15-20.

So what do you think about this Paquiao VS Mayweather on November 2012?