2012 is Year of the Dragon – A Very Lucky Year (2012)?

Do you believe in Zodiacs? Well, according to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2012 is Year of the Dragon. Knowing that, we can assume that 2012 is a lucky year. The lucky color is Green. A person like me who believes on myths, traditions and old beliefs, do follow such guidelines. Why not believe anyway? There’s nothing to lose that way, right?

Year of the Dragon 2012

I know this is contradictory, but you know the silly crap rumor about 2012 being the year the end worlds? I don’t think it will end this way. Me as just 20 years old, won’t accept the fact that I won’t enjoy the life I’ve prepared for all these years of studying. Since we have a counter-charm for the Mayan calendar prediction, there’s no need to fear Dec 21, 2012! Just believe on the Year of the Dragon.

So what to expect for the lucky year 2012? Hmm, don’t forget the Chinese New Year! Wish upon this New Year 2012. Xīn Nián Kuài Lè 2012!