How to Play DotA with RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) [Complete Guide]

Just this 2012, for a very short time, RGC or Ranked Gaming Client rose to fame, and now I’m here to teach you how to play DotA in RGC. It’s not that self-explanatory like Garena, but you’ll get used to it after you played some games using RGC.


I’ll tell you first why you this is recommended, not Garena. It’s the pro gaming RGC can give you. As I’ve said, Garena has full of noobs. Read this post about RGC VS Garena, and you’ll know the difference.

Let’s assume that you already installed Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and you already patched it up to 1.26a.

How to Play Dota in RGC:

1. Download Ranked Gaming Client. Click Here.

2. After downloading, extract the zip file to your Program Files, or to whichever you prefer.

3. Launch RGC.exe. It will patch up, so just wait for it to finish.

4. Register an account. You can find it after launching RGC.exe. It’s just 5 minutes to register.

5. After registering, log-in to RGC using your account.

6. Now fix the settings. Direct war3.exe to the space whew directory of Warcraft III must be found.

7. Then in the lobby, to play a game, just Sign a game. Sign means reserving a slot for the game. When it reached 10 players, you will hear a sound “The game has just been hosted”. It means you can now join the game created by RGC.

8. Click the Warcraft III on top. See the video below to understand what I mean.

9. You will see the game in BLUE. That’s the game you are reserved to. You must join within 1 minute or else your reservation will be void, then all players can join that game already.

Note: If the game number is a 3-digit, you don’t usually see it in BLUE, but just a normal text. So see the RGC chat box first for your game number.

10. Join the game in BLUE. After joining, you must type !ready to tell RGC that you’re ready. After all 10 players typed !ready, the game will start. ENJOY!

Here’s a video for a small tutorial on how to play DotA in RGC: